Public Projects

Holiday Windows

Bankhead Theater in Livermore

Anne Giancola, the Bothwell Arts Manager, recruited local artists to paint the windows of the Bankhead Theater in Livermore. I suggested Ezra Jack-Keats for one of the panels and we were all excited when the foundation promptly returned her email with approval for the project! One of the Huber Family’s favorite childhood authors! I painted the Hiroshige woodcut.

The Frame Company

Sawsan Wolski, proprietor of The Frame Company, initially suggested a Mom and Dad dogs with puppies for the window. I stopped by the East County Animal Shelter here in Dublin and asked if they had dogs and cats they had trouble finding homes for. They did not. Every dog, cat, and bunny had been adopted. If any came in, they only stayed a day or two before finding new homes. A silver lining during the pandemic! So, we went back to Dalmatians, but since I love mutts, the dogs in the picture has no papers.

John Green Elementary Shed

Donated to the school from the Class of 2020. The Committee chose the design of sea turtles, bat rays and jellyfish. Fun to paint!

“1953” Utility Box Project for the City of Dublin

Corner of Scarlett Drive and Dublin Boulevard

The inspiration: this small photo of my Dad, John Billstrom, during his Army days in 1953.

I have inserted a slideshow showing the progression of the box from prepping the base, laying out the blocks of color, adding clouds, then hills and mountains, and finally sketching in my Dad, his car, and the gas station.

“Kite Day” Utility Box Project for the City of Dublin

Corner of Glynnis Rose and Dublin Boulevard, Completed 2018

“Kite Day” flowed from my mind from stopping by a Kite Festival at Fallon Middle School, in Dublin, CA. There is such fun and freedom in kite flying. From small tots flying small, simple diamond-shaped kites to massive, extravagant kites with yards of tails. So fun to paint!

To be honest, I find Dublin a bit of a drab and dreary landscape to paint at times. It is the residents that add interest and color, not so much the burnt out hills, plowed fields, acres of new housing, or miles of stores. Dublin can look vibrant after a rain or at dusk or dawn, but I decided to show the landscape at its bleakest; bright midday. I think this shows off the brilliant colors of the kites and attire of the figures.

What you may not know about the Utility Box, is that all the people painted on the box I have seen in Dublin. This includes my husband and my three sons, depicted separately from each other in the art. Can you find them?

I also put a special surprise on the top of the box. Taller folks can step on the base to look over the top. It is something seen in Dublin and quite fitting for the theme of the box.

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