Coloring Sheets

Free download PDF or JPEG sheets to color. I created these through sketching with my favorite Micron pens and a Wacom pen tablet.

River Rafting Challenge

For Artists; color in the water, adding depth, shadows, water refractions, bubbles, etc.

Birk Paddleboarding Challenge

For Artists: Choose the location and depth of the picture. Is Birk in the tropics, icy Pacific, brackish brine? Your color decides.

Fuck Covid-19

I’m getting a little punchy during “Shelter in Place”. A little coloring therapy for all cussing adults.


Drew this during a Dungeons & Dragons session. I think we all need an escape these days.

Happy Arbor Day!

Traced an earlier drawing I did from a sketchbook.

For Bagel Street Cafe

Bagel Street Cafe is open and serving during the COVID-19 shut down! Support our local businesses! If you used to eat there, don’t stop now. Also, Lee’s Sandwiches is right next door, in Dublin.

Sweets and Tea/Coffee

For my sister, Sally, to color during the shut down. Or anyone who loves sweets, as I do.

Tranquility & Beauty

For when the news is over whelming.

Frogs Going Poop

Created this for my 5-year-old nephew to color. These are California native frogs.

Shit, Shit, Shit

Combined illustrations from my sketchbook with my Mother’s not-too-frequent cussing. A release for this difficult time.

Nuggets for Phedra

A coloring sheet for young boys! Includes speech bubbles for the creative minds!

Need to cheer up someone? Let’s design a coloring sheet for them!

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