Coloring Sheets

Please feel free to download, print, and color these sheets. If you reproduce these, please remember to mention my name, Jennifer Huber. May coloring these bring you peace of mind. Enjoy.

Election 2016 Fan

As a frustrated Progressive, I offer this sheet for coloring. I drew this Wednesday, November 10, 2016 in the morning. It is only one of the feelings I had this day.



My drawing inspired from reading the Bizzaro Comics and owning a large collection of snow globes.


To me this drawing is calming, however, my mother found it disturbing. Interpret and draw accordingly. If you want the crab intimidating, try coloring with dark, menacing tones around the creature. If you find it whimsical, use cheery pastels.


A drawing of two of my boys. Are they fighting? Helping each other? Try giving this drawing shading and tone for a 3-dimensional look. Provide shading for the light, such as shadows cast by the sun.

Boy on floating turf