2016-2018 Splash of Art, Fallon Middle School Enrichment Program

I taught Art to middle school students as part of the enrichment program at Fallon Middle School with the help of Jennifer Yu, Tina Chan, Sucheta Sanadi, Vidhi Gupta, and Vaisha Prabhuvenkatesh, as well as the incredible staff at Fallon Middle School, including Vena Geasa, Art Teacher, and Lindy Chia, former head of the Enrichment Program.

For two years we taught around 100 students various tricks, techniques, and styles of art. We worked primarily with two-dimensional media, a little sculpey, and a wonderful foray into Thanjavur (Tanjoor) Painting from India, led by Sucheta Sanadi. It has been a rich and rewarding two years and the students have created some impressive pieces. Each session was a challenge, but some were more successful than others. My favorite sessions:

  • Paint Like Theibaud! Artists used acrylic paint on canvas to create a representational picture of their piece of cake. I bought large, layered cakes from Safeway and each student received their slice with the understanding they had to complete their painting of it before eating it.
  • Perspective Drawing from Antman’s or Superman’s eyes. Tina Chan breathed new life into this tough lesson with new perspectives and challenges. The concept is difficult and students needed time and help to understand, but the drawings were impressive.
  • Thanjavur (Tanjoor) Painting. More on this later.
  • Triptych watercolors.