Jennifer Huber graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz in 1989 with a Bachelors of Arts degree. She studied lithography, etching, and watercolor painting, utilizing the university’s excellent print making studio and immense stone lithography collection. After leaving college, she displayed her artwork, mostly watercolors and oil paintings, in restaurants and cafes throughout the Bay Area.

In 1999 she moved to Baltimore, Maryland and generated urban landscapes of the neighborhood Charles Village, located near Johns Hopkins University. During this time, she also started a family. Some of her paintings were part of a gallery collection in Pacific Grove, CA, in 2003. She returned to California with her husband and three sons to San Diego in 2007. The dry, sparse desert, wide freeways, and blanched landscapes sucked the creative inspiration from her like a kid with a Slurpee. The family moved again in 2012, this time to Dublin, where she now resides. Jennifer can now be found painting with one or more of her sons in and around the golden California hills.

in 2013, her work “Morning in Dublin” appeared in the Fresh Works show at the Firehouse Gallery in Pleasanton. In 2015, she volunteered to teach art to students at Dougherty Elementary School in Dublin as part of the Art in Action program. Inspired by the students, the program, and the support of fellow parents, she helped start the Splash of Art after school Enrichment Program at Fallon Middle School in 2016.

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