Finished the Box!

December 2nd, I completed the box at Gleason and Brannigan Streets in Dublin, CA. It is my love letter to Dublin!

When we first moved to Dublin, in 2012, the town seemed, devoid of character and charm. There is no downtown, the houses look the same, the streets are wide and the trees are small. But live here for a while and you realize Dublin’s prize is the parks and the trails and bike lanes that wander everywhere and no where. Our city’s fine citizens USE their parks! Emerald Glen Park and the Shannon Center both run out of parking during the year. But on the 4th of July, those vast parking lots are closed so anyone can set off their own firecrackers, safely, in these lots. I love this! Freedom to celebrate being an American without burning down our hillsides.

Why did the box take so long? Each firework display is painted with a size 0 or 00 brush (really, really small). The people were tricky at times but the firework displays just took time. Splattering using a toothbrush or paintbrush did not leave the pattern I wanted. For the right style and presentation, I wanted every dot to be well-placed.

What does the box miss? I did not paint the remnants of used firework containers, garbage, and ash littering the ground, nor the occasional dumpster fire in the background, or the folks who dragged their terrified dogs to a fireworks display.

The last day was spent taking off the blue tape, touching up the edges, and applying the sealant. I am happy with the final presentation. Now to get Livermore to let me paint a box!

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