Painting the Utility Box

The rain is finally pouring down over us and I have a break to write about my latest project: painting the utility box at Gleason and Brannigan Streets in Dublin, CA.

First steps were to dust, wash, prime, sand the box. And, repeat. I usually paint 3 coats of Kilz primer on the box.

Next, I started laying down the under painting of the box. I use a brush, not a spray can or a roller. Very old school! I love the texture and I’m not the only one, many observers strolling or walking commented on the undercoat.

Me and My Box
Me and My Box

The trees frame the box, the horizon line is in black with the sky shining along the rim. I began sketching in figures around the box and gradually working in the details. Some of these figures will be completely covered in paint, later, by the way. That is the way I work: it doesn’t feel authentic if I sketch in the background the same time as I paint the foreground. This is purely personal preference: I do not have an opinion one way or another how other artists approach their paintings.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 26, I will return to the box. First I will need to dry and wipe it down. Moisture can ruin the surface, long term. I will update this blog during the next rainy day!

Short slideshow on the progress of the my utility box.

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