The Comic Game

Watched the guest speaker for the April General Meeting of the Pleasanton Art League and the Livermore Arts Association, the incredible, Elaine Drew. She shared this game with us, and I thought I would share it with you. If you want to watch her talk, quite informative, check out PAL’s Shop Talk page.

First, write down each of the following. Keep it short.

  1. Something you overheard.
  2. Something you said.
  3. A slogan or saying.
  4. A question.
  5. An exclamation or interjection.

Put your answers aside, out of sight.

Second, draw a simple (Use stick figures!) sketch of the following:

  1. Draw something funny or sad.
  2. Draw something abstract or surreal.
  3. Draw a scene from one of your dreams or a fantasies.
  4. Draw something scary
  5. Draw something you saw today.

Now, put the phrases from the first activity as captions for each drawing on the second activity!

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