Let Your Imagination Run Free

Years ago I realized I could draw anything. After years of studying faces, people, fruit, landscapes, and interiors, it hit me that I should take what I know and let my imagination run wild.

Many Artists I know hesitate to do this: you will look silly, trite, stupid, whatever label you can conjure up with “Bad Fantasy Art.” But there is a freedom in creating a drawing just for your own curiosity. You can always glue together the pages of your sketchbook later, if it bothers you that much. I give myself that promise, but I have yet to do it. I have ripped out pages and tossed them in the recycling, but only a handful of times. I feel better living with my mistakes and learning from them.

I still practice “Looking”, preferably from life and not photo. But it feels like a holiday, sketching something fantastical. Tonight, Friday night, I hope to put on a movie, nothing too gripping, pull out the sketchbook, and take a break.

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