Week of Art And Fun

I am back from a fun-filled week with eight artists between the age of 5 and 8. I include the paintings below: we also painted wooden boxes, made clay animals, and Kindness rocks. The young artists were good sports and worked hard, but these projects are for the parents. What will the kids remember?

Anime Portraits: One for each young artist by their teacher. The kids took these and colored them in; usually with help from their buddies.

Lava Monster: I was the first Lava Monster on the climbing gym each day. Whomever I tag becomes “IT”, and so on. Each kid will remember the rules: they recited them enough times to other players.

The Broadway: Part of a stage set, two doors beneath a grand arch became a kid magnet. If I stepped out of the room, a kid or two would be behind the doors, giggling.

Morning Run: We started each day with a run around the park; not just any run. Think Simon Says on the run. They had to hop, skip, run, or walk backwards, even skip backwards.

Sea Turtle Watercolor & Pen

Kids had a hard time but stuck with it. This was not a project for wimps. Started with pencil drawing, step by step. Added watercolor: blending and bleeding hues into each other. Once dried, they traced the pencil with pen.

Georgia O’Keeffe Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Like the famous Southwestern Artist, these guys stared at ONE flower and painted from it. I helped them through the process: paintings the background, the center, the petals, the outer petals, the background again, and adding highlights.

Interested in Classes? Sign up through the Bankhead Theater/Bothwell Arts Center. Classes are from 10:00 to 3:30 and run for a week. We have 3 weeks of classes coming up this summer.

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