A New Routine

More than a month in “Shelter in Place” for us here in Alameda County, California. We now carry masks with us, even on runs or bike rides. Even for an introvert, such as myself, staying in is getting old.

Painting from first days of quarantine: Son playing xbox.

Finding Time for Art

Yup, everyone else seems to have hours of to fill but I am struggling to find time for myself here. While my husband programs on his computer in his office, I am the go-to for three teenage sons on just about every topic. Everything adds up: making masks, making dinners, keeping up on the laundry, overseeing home-schooling, and cleaning the house. I have my three sons helping me every step of the way, but, supervision and guidance take time as well. So what of my art? I am drawing a lot.

I want every drawing to count: an idea for a painting or a color sheet for a friend. Everything matters more these days than it used to. I am very thankful for what we have here and now at this moment. My three sons worry about the future: the 8th grader who may suddenly be going to high school next year; the sophomore concerned about his grades and the SATs, and finally, my Senior who not only won’t have a graduation ceremony, and now it is unclear his college will open in the Fall. I tell my sons we must take it one day at a time. We will face these challenges when they come. In the meantime, let’s color my latest coloring sheet:

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