New Paintings and Work in Progress

Embarrassing how much time has passed since my last posting. I have been busy! Painting, mostly. First on tiny canvases and rocks sprinkled between larger works. As February 2020 rolls in, I present my nearly finished or finished paintings first. 

Barbara Linn, Physics Major, New Jersey Women’s College at Rutgers University 1941
Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″

Barbara Linn, Physicist 1941

The San Francisco Women’s Art gallery had a call for artists for their show “Hidden Figures” inspired by the film of the same name. My painting with sirens seemed a natural fit, however, my son, Elliot recalled one of our relatives was a hidden figure. 

Barbara Linn, is a pretty distant relative through marriage: she is my Step Father-in-law’s first wife. Her test scores in high school were so high that she received a full scholarship to the New Jersey College for Women. She pursued Physics even though the college did not offer such classes; she took those at Rutgers. She was the only woman in all her classes. When she graduated, she was told there was no career for women in Physics.

Four Days to Paint This Picture


In this painting, an old man looks out over the stormy seas to light breaking through the clouds in the distance, but something is in the water and possibly nearer. This painting is also about texture: added everything to this picture: salt, alcohol, blowing the color around in the clouds. I consider this my best piece yet. I love the balance of nature and the fantasy. I also submitted this piece for the Hidden Figures show.

Sirens, Acrylic on Canvas, 30″ x 24″

Work in Progress: Acrylic on Canvas

I usually work on three or four canvases at a time.

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