I’m Obsessed with Ink

I have not posted in a while, first the Holidays and now painting for my upcoming show at the Firehouse Art Center. My paintings go up on February 20th on the Pleasanton Art League Member space upstairs. There is no entry fee and the hours are noon to 5 during weekdays, until 6 on weekends.

I am still drawing in my sketchbooks in pen (Micron black pens, 05, 005, 01) but that is not what I mean by Ink. 2017-18 I dipped back into watercolor; a sometimes unforgiving medium. Now, I upped the ante and by employing India Ink like watercolor. However, unlike watercolor, there is no scrubbing out errors and even the most subtle shade is permanent. But the darks are so luscious!

Manatee Islands

Manatee Islands: Ink on watercolor paper. Entirely brush work: no pens!

I love the depth and intensity of the blacks in ink, but not all my ideas work in shades of gray. So I am now creating pieces using both ink and watercolor.

The Seis Below

First successful combination of ink and watercolor: The Seis Below

Not to worry, I am still producing works on canvas (while the washes dry). More on that next time.

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