More Painting Ideas

horned dragon

Horned dragon head, focused on detail, texture, and lighting.

I have assembled almost all the drawings featuring dragons in my recent sketchbooks. After looking at the number, I have to admit that I might have a thing for these mythological creatures. The horned dragon and the carved dragon were completed this past week. Every one of these pieces is pen, Micron size 01 or 02, usually black, but sometimes sepia.

Wyvern Soaring over John & Mei Mei

Wyvern soaring over my son, John, and our dog, Mei Mei, with Dublin Hills Park in the background.

Boy feeding his pets

Feeding time is awkward in this household.

Boys rafting with dragon

Two boys rafting in river with dragon swimming under them. This is loosely based off of a rafting trip my son, Elliot, and my nephew, Aidan, took in North Carolina with their Uncle.

The Cheese Dragon

My son, Elliot, came up with this idea, of a person transporting cheese unaware there existed a cheese-hunting dragon and it was watching him.

Dragon and Flying Kayaker

Combining my two favorite subjects: kayaks and dragons, gliding over suburbia. I drew this for the cloud transitions: could I make it look like mist moving in and out of the drawing?

Dragon and Pegasus

I do not think the dragon is hunting the peculiar pegasus, just moving along over the landscape together. It was another excuse to try out different types of wings. I would change the pegasus’ wings next time.

Dragon Archeologists

How I envision dragons would be discovered. I’m sure the techniques pictured are out of date, though.

Dragon attacking old plane.

A dragon attacking an old bi-plane. Also experimenting with fire in a pen drawing.

dragon emerging from sea

Dragon exploding from ocean, startling flying fish nearby.

dragon in clouds

Dragon in the clouds over kayakers in marsh.

dragon in jar

Tiny winged serpent in jar.

dragon in SF

Dragons descending on San Francisco.

dragon on land and water

There is a dragon on land and one in the water. I rushed this drawing: not enamored with it.

Dragon over suburbs

Dragon flying over suburbia, probably Dublin, CA.

dragon under tree

Cute, cuddly dragon curled up in the shade. A little too much going on for my pen and ink drawing: spotted dragon in dappled shade.

dragon with fish

Horned dragon carrying a fish. It is hard to distinguish between the wings and the skyline, but I love the texture and pattern on the torso.


Finished this last night, October 19, 2017. A detailed, dragon head. I am happy with the carved and Scandinavian look to it.


A Wyvern in flight. The head might be a touch big. Could be part human, although part of the anatomy was taken from Pterosaurs.

dragons and balloon

Dragons flying around a balloon.

dragons around lighthouse2

Tiny dragons around a lighthouse. I cared more about the building than the creatures.

dragons circling flying ship

Dragons inspecting a flying ship. Also another excuse to explore patterns on these creatures.

Dragons over Livermore

A Wyvern mobbing some poor commuter on Patterson Pass in Livermore, CA. I don’t know what model the car is: drew if from my head.

dragons with phone

Dragons carrying away a cellphone, John’s cellphone to be specific. Again, I grew bored with this drawing and did not spend much time on detail or shading, therefore, the images are hard to distinguish.

horned dragon

Horned dragon completed this week of October 20th. I paid special attention to patterns, lighting, and form.

kite day dragon

My Kite Day drawing, and later painting, features a dragon in the upper right corner. The only item not a kite.

lg dragon lighthouse

Large dragon circling a lighthouse.

mother and baby dragons

Mother dragons with her babies. Also an exercise in patterns and shading.

Paranormal scientist 2

Paranormal scientist with tiny dragon she created.

river dragon

River dragon. This was hard to photograph, another subtle study in water patterns, light, and creature patterns interacting with each other.

sea witch two dragons

One of my favorite, dramatic fantasy drawings of a sea witch being pulled by two water dragons past a kracken.

tiny dragon with tea

Small dragon at tea, the smiling salt shaker was John’s idea.

tiny tree dragon

Hideous, tiny dragon that was meant to be. I flubbed on the initial sketch and decided to work with it instead of tearing it out.

water dragon at night

Sea dragon at night. I wish now that I had taken more time on it.

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