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Self Portrait_draft

Older and Wider (But still painting!)

In college I painted probably over 10 self portraits. I even made etchings, lithographs, and countless drawings of myself in pencil, charcoal, and pastel. Trust me, it is not because of vanity; I’m just a very cheap model. This week I tried my hand again at a self portrait, this time in acrylic on canvas over a previous still life painting.

It is truly hard. I am still not happy with the result but feel more confident that the next self portrait will come much easier and look better. Meanwhile, I will struggle with this one for a while. At first, I felt I was painting this character from Monsters University, but as my image progressed, it switched. Instead of painting myself, I felt I was painting my sister, Anna Billstrom. To be honest, she would be a better model: I move too much when I paint but I am as familiar with her face as my own.

Other work: I am also trying to finish the Diving into My First Cup of Coffee and Kite Day in Dublin. I am having more success with the latter.

dive into coffee_v2

Diving Into My First Cup of the Day (Unfinished)

I am truly frustrated with this painting. The steam looks too uniform, and possibly too much. I will keep painting until I get it right. Fortunately, my sons Elliot and Tilden seem to have excellent suggestions and have been quite helpful.

kite day

Kite Day in Dublin

Kite Day in Dublin might be done. I need to put it aside for a while and look at it again with fresh eyes. It could be in danger of being overworked.



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