Finished the Box!

December 2nd, I completed the box at Gleason and Brannigan Streets in Dublin, CA. It is my love letter to Dublin! When we first moved to Dublin, in 2012, the town seemed, devoid of character and charm. There is no downtown, the houses look the same, the streets are wide and the trees are small. … Continue reading Finished the Box!


So, yeah, I'm working on watercolors this week, primarily for the DAC (Dublin Arts Collective) Watercolor Show in September. I entered 3 works. First, let me say THANK YOU to the incredible Ernie Vigdor for giving me more watercolor paper blocks! Now I can work on 3 or 4 paintings at once. How I Paint … Continue reading Watercolor!!!

Bikes & Art

Every year artists open their studios up to the public, folks can come by, meet the artist, see where they work, sip some wine and nibble on snacks. It is a blast and the first time I heard about this was in Santa Cruz in 1990. Even then, folks were mostly driving between the studios. … Continue reading Bikes & Art

The Comic Game

Watched the guest speaker for the April General Meeting of the Pleasanton Art League and the Livermore Arts Association, the incredible, Elaine Drew. She shared this game with us, and I thought I would share it with you. If you want to watch her talk, quite informative, check out PAL's Shop Talk page. First, write … Continue reading The Comic Game

Is Drawing Dead?

January 21, 2021, I decided to start drawing every day: representational. It is hard to find structure in these endless days where weekends melt into weekdays. I even forgot what season it was one day. So, I began drawing and posting to Instagram to mark time passing as much as to keep my sketching in … Continue reading Is Drawing Dead?

Selling My Art!

I will have a table at Homemade for the Holidays this Saturday in front of the Bankhead Theater in Livermore, CA. Come by and check out my work and my fellow crafters and artists!

A New Routine

More than a month in "Shelter in Place" for us here in Alameda County, California. We now carry masks with us, even on runs or bike rides. Even for an introvert, such as myself, staying in is getting old. Painting from first days of quarantine: Son playing xbox. Finding Time for Art Yup, everyone else … Continue reading A New Routine

Summer Work: The Box

Jen Huber work this summer became more a passion than a project. Taking more than a month to paint the utility box at Scarlett Drive and Dublin Boulevard in Dublin, CA.

The Show Is On

Seven pieces of my work are hanging in the Firehouse Art Center until March 23. I brought the paintings over on Wednesday and assessed them with curator, Alena Sauzade. There is a clear theme to these paintings: Water. Not just that, but the water line: the different imagery between what is above the water and … Continue reading The Show Is On


Wednesday, October 3rd, I learned of Inktober via the Dublin Art Collective. My first thought: 3 days late! Nope, I had drawn each day, although I am not terribly proud of my sketches. What is Inktober? Draw or sketch a picture every day for the month of October. If you are new to drawing, I … Continue reading Inktober

Plein-Air Distractions

The Plein-Air painting competition was last weekend. What an experience! Pleasanton is not a sleepy little town; I and other artists had barely time to paint between pods of runners from Fleet Feet, the shoppers from the Farmer's Market, and weekend lunch crowds. Each site I selected brought new distractions and  drama. At my first … Continue reading Plein-Air Distractions


More Painting Ideas I have assembled almost all the drawings featuring dragons in my recent sketchbooks. After looking at the number, I have to admit that I might have a thing for these mythological creatures. The horned dragon and the carved dragon were completed this past week. Every one of these pieces is pen, Micron … Continue reading Dragons!

Artist’s Brushes

This week I was planning on drawing another self portrait in pencil, finishing current paintings, and start a new canvas. Monday night changed all that. I attended the P.A.L. meeting and Art talk. Artist Clemmie King discussed Chinese Brush painting; history, technique, equipment, and so on. It made me realize that most artists are really … Continue reading Artist’s Brushes

Back to Self Portraits

In college I painted probably over 10 self portraits. I even made etchings, lithographs, and countless drawings of myself in pencil, charcoal, and pastel. Trust me, it is not because of vanity; I'm just a very cheap model. This week I tried my hand again at a self portrait, this time in acrylic on canvas … Continue reading Back to Self Portraits

Old Paintings

The paintings below range from my first oil painting back in 1986 to an acrylic painting of my youngest son from 2013/14. I am posting them partially for archival purposes, but also to look at the progression of my work. I cringe at the images clearly from photos. It would have been unwise to stand … Continue reading Old Paintings